Celebrating in His Majestic Creation — 11 Comments

  1. Janis – Once again, these are truly spectacular photos!!! Each one boasts of a beauty and of a Creator! Thank you for sharing these with everyone!
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. Janis, beautiful photos! Sedona is one of the favorite places we’ve visited. Your photos make me want to return again soon. Such beauty He created.
    Nice to connect on Twitter too this week! My husband has begun his deployment…in mobilization stage right now so I will see him one last time next week before he begins his journey overseas.
    Wishing you a blessed Sunday.

  3. Dear Janis
    Oh, this takes my breath away. One cannot help but burst into praises and worship to the Creator of such beauty. And He created it all as a gift to us, His children. Janis, even though nature is majestic and beautiful, it is still not the crown of Pappa’s creation. Only we as humans have been created as spiritual beings with the ability to be His temples through which He can live His life to His glory alone. That makes you and me pretty special in His sight, don’t you think. But this humbles me so much. Great photos, dear friend.
    Blessings XX

  4. I love your photos of Sedona! What a great place to celebrate your birthday. I’ve spent much time hiking in the places you mentioned. I love the chapel photo. It’s a great place to visit.

    Blessings and love,

  5. Oh Janis, I love Sedona and the Oak Creek Canyon area. The views are just breathtaking. Your photos captured the beauty! As a side note, Charlotte from Spiritual Sundays has a linky button, and it features the Chapel of the Holy Cross. I’ve seen it from afar, but never been inside. I loved your photo – what a glorious view!

    The Lord has created such a beautiful and majestic world – and even in its flawed condition, we can clearly see His hand. I am finally beginning to appreciate these mountains where He’s placed me.

    Glad that you had an opportunity to enjoy some *outside* time. I’m sure it refreshed your soul!

    Wishing you and your family a truly blessed Thanksgiving!


  6. Breathtakingly beautiful! I have only been there once myself but was in awe of the beauty too. There’s nothing like that here in Indiana! Lovely post and scriptures today. Blessings! ♥

  7. Hi Janis! I love Sedona! Seeing all that red really brought me back to my Tucson days. Especially the chapel. As I was paging down, I wondered if you made it to the top to see it.
    I hope your eyes are doing better, and you were able to enjoy the sites. Your husband looks like such a nice guy, you make a nice pair!
    The photo of the three different colors of trees was so beautiful! I love that. I’ve only seen one other photo like it. Nice capture!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, my friend. Blessings to you and yours.

  8. I’m a very “Rocky” person… many photos in our country, and piles and piles of rocks in my yard and in my house. Can’t NOT enjoy rocks, with their texture and colors and style. Oh, makes me so happy.

    Thank you for making me smile…… YIPPEE!!

  9. Your photos are spectacular and I can’t chose a favorite. I did especially like the rock formations. The trees with the varied colors are so beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to visit with you on your trip and we enjoy your posts here at “tell Me a Story.”