“O Lord in the Morning” — 5 Comments

  1. Lovely Janis! How often I do not make useful time in the mornings to spend (quality!) time with God. Too many anxious thoughts of what lies ahead can certainly get in the way. It certainly affects my day when I don’t start my morning out with prayer and worship time.

    Blessings for a joyful day filled with His amazing grace my fiend!

  2. Hi Janis, this is a challenge and a goal for me too, to spend my early mornings with the Lord. And when I do, what a difference to the day. Great post
    God bless

  3. Janis, I tend to be one that gets up early but still I find that I can easily get swept away into other activities and have missed savoring the early morning moments with my Savior.

  4. Hi Janis! That is the eternal conundrum for me too. I love my bed. I’ll plan to get up in the morning with time to spare for some quiet time, and then laze around in bed after the alarm goes off. Shoot! And I’m up and running and behind already. I can so relate…

    Lord, give me the strength to respond to your grace, and get my sorry self out of bed!
    Hugs my friend!

  5. There surely is something so special about meeting with Jesus early in the morning. Of course, we can meet with Him throughout the day, but I love the mornings most of all.