His Presence in Praise — 20 Comments

  1. Oh this is such a lovely reminder of how we are blessed with the sweet assurance of His love and compassion Janice! (And that He speaks to our precious and loving friends to encourage, pray and give us support!) God calls us to look outward and upward and keep our eyes open to the One who will always be there to pick us up when we are hurt and/or suffering. My prayers and love are with you dear friend; I hope you are headache free today, and have a blessed week!


  2. Oh so true. Praise instead of twisting the sheet or whatever, that speaks to my heart too. Thank you for sharing Janis. God Bless and Keep you now and always.

  3. Been there, in the middle of the night with twisted sheets and tangled thoughts. And yes, God is such comfort in those moments.


    (Thinking about your son today on this Veteran’s Day – may God be with him)

    • Sharon~thank you for your faithful comments. And thank you for your thoughts about our son. Haven’t heard from him but once since his deployment. I pray God is with him, too.

    • Thank you, Janis. Your prayers are a blessing. I picked up a book on clearance today that had the names of God and Scriptures linked to those names. Should be a treasure. I love God as my Rock and Fortress.

  4. I like the the sentence that says: “Praising God yanks the worries out and replaces the vacuum with peace.” I like the word “yank” as it means to pull or extract with a quick vigorous movement. So as we are praising Him, He removes those thoughts/worries with a quick vigorous movement and replaces them with His peace!!! Praise Him!!!! I love it as He does not want us to continue in those thoughts for any length of time, that keep us from Praising Him!!! YES!!!!!

    • Hi Ceal~Grateful that the Lord does yank out the worries as well. Otherwise, they would cement into my mind like the hardened clay of the desert.
      Glad you’re back home.

  5. Janis…What a wonderful reminder that God is ever presence and that is enough to praise Him for. And in praising Him there is peace. Thank you for sharing at WJIM’s Monday’s Musings. Have a blessed week.

  6. Hi Dear! I felt so bad for you…I really don’t like being kept awake by negative thoughts and worries. And feeling bad about being awake just makes it worse. I am so happy that God confirmed his love for you through your friend. What a great, loving God we have.

    You know you are in my prayers, and you will continue to be.
    Blessings on this new day,

  7. Visiting from Faith Barista Jam – so thankful to have read your post. What a precious story of your seeking His help during the night, of calling on His Name … and then of hearing later that a dear friend had been praying for you in your time of need. I love how God was caring for you …

  8. Janis – Reading this, I felt for you. How I wish I had known & prayed for you have blessed me at times. This post reminded me of this quote I read years ago by Donald Barnhouse – “Worship –> Worth-ship, the acknowledgement of the worth that is in our God.” And in His Name. Many a night, I fell asleep just whispering the name, “Jesus” over & over. He is faithful. He is worthy of our worship.

  9. Thanks for sharing so openly about your pain, Janis. I think there is such wisdom here. They say that the best way to handle our problems is to take our eyes off our problems and fix our eyes on God. It’s wonderful how by focusing on how great He is our problems diminish just a little bit.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.

  10. Janis, thank you for writing from your soul and sharing with such beauty and honesty in the Faith Jam. His Presence is what our hearts need. t’s wonderful to hear your voice and see you writing. Grateful for you.