Celebrating Life~One Shining Moment — 8 Comments

  1. What a thankful post Janis! 🙂 Your pictures just make me smile; you are all so obviously celebrating the moment….congratulations to your oldest son! ( I am looking forward to the same celebration at the end of the year when my daughter graduates college!)

    Life certainly is a celebration; we need to enjoy every moment of it and enjoy the journey! Thanks for sharing……

    Blessings and hugs,

  2. This was a lovely celebration of your son – and of the power of love! (Wasn’t that a Huey Lewis song?? I digress…) Congratulations on the graduation! Your smile says it all – it’s the pure, unadulterated GRIN of a mother bursting at the seams with pride. You have much to be proud of – and your son had a wonderful *helpmeet* throughout his growing up years. You have imparted so much more that just knowledge and guidance – you have given him wisdom and your heart.


  3. Congratulations, Janis! Love the picture! You are all just beaming! Your bumper sticker means much to me as we adopted our daughter also. Thanks for sharing your joy with us!

  4. Well said, My friend!
    Thanks be to God for His gift of Life and the gift of our sons!
    Looking forward to celebrating with you!
    Today is the anniversary of our first Gift’s arrival. Dave is 30 today.
    Thanking God for Him and because of Him I have a friend in you

  5. As a mamma of two boys, this choked me up a bit. So happy for your boy, so glad for you. Beautiful. Life is beautiful when I see these victories. Let me always remember, Lord.

  6. Very precious and well written penned from a proud mama!! (And I am sure, Papa)