His Desert Majesty — 9 Comments

  1. Beautiful flowers – God’s exquisite detail in bloom! All around is praises Him, doesn’t it! Wishing you a God-reveal weekend just as spectacular as these blooms!

  2. Yes, they truly do “burst” forth to proclaim God in His majesty and glory.
    Thanks for visiting me at Being Woven.
    ~ linda

    ps…do you have a name for that particular plant, Janis, for I live in South Texas a something is blooming in our yard that we have never had before and it looks quite similar. It just sprouted up and is turning all orange now.

  3. I love the desert in bloom! It is a sight to see. So beautiful; love your photos.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you.

    Blessings and love,

  4. One of the most beautiful things that I love to see is the flowers that bloom on cactus. Often right in the middle of the most inhospitable places possible. It’s a great lesson…

    God brings beauty out of everything. Even in the middle of a *desert season* – He offers glorious Living Water to sustain us.