Are You Heading Down a Dead End? — 9 Comments

  1. You’ve come to my mind several times recently, Janis, and I have been meaning to come by. I’m sorry it’s been a while. But I believe God knew I needed to come by for this message. You truly share so beautifully and in a way easy to relate to our own lives. Oh, how He does give warning signs and I know often I can ignore them. I need to be more aware and more willing to listen to Him for His ways are always better than mine. Blessings to you. xoxo

  2. The “Dead End” signs are sometimes frustrating. But I’m thankful God loves us enough to post them! They’ve saved me from some grief and the ones I ignored? I’m always sorry. God knows so much better than I do which temptations cause me to fail.

  3. Hi Beth, it’s good to have you visit. I’ve missed being at your place as well! I’m glad the message was just what you needed for today. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own plans that I miss the voice of the Lord or choose to go my way. It’s a common human theme. But the more time we spend with the Lord and the more we submit to His wisdom, the easier it becomes to give up our plans because we see how much better His are!
    Blessings, Beth.

  4. Hi Pamela~thank you for stopping by for a visit! You are so right! The “Dead End” signs we ignore always bring us grief, not the excitement we anticipated or the victory we thought we would win through our words.

  5. Oh this a good one Janis. There are times I see those warnings and heed the warnings and other times I insist on forging ahead.

    • Hi Wanda~Thank you for your encouraging comments. It does seem like the human condition tends to push through those barriers that the Holy Spirit sets up. I think we get caught up in wanting to do things our way or the notion that we are somewhat invincible because we falsely believe we are in control of our destiny.
      Hopefully, the 4-point guideline will help all of us.

    • Thank you Sandra for stopping by. I’m so glad to meet you. Good to know that the Holy Spirit often whispers the same messages to other Christians.

  6. So many roads have a dead end sign posted, these signs are like many of the nay sayers, that tell us it ain’t gonna happen.
    When the truth of the matter is God is still in the saving and healing business.
    Many are there to tell us God worked only in the Bible and he stopped pouring out his spirit and stopped miracles etc. I do hope your friends will not listen to those unbelievers who say those who believe are fanatics and better not go there. Jesus said, suffer them to come unto me. It is sad when we must go to Redding California for the power of God to come upon us, and it should be happening in our everyday churches. Much love to you and your friends.

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