Do Miracles Still Happen? Prayer Series; Part 4 — 16 Comments

  1. Janis, this is an amazing story. I was riveted! I was so glad to see you were able to enjoy your sweet mom for 4 more years after that difficult time. You have given me hope in the power of prayer.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Your comments are so encouraging. I’m glad my story has inspired your hope in the power of prayer. The Lord is still in the Miracle Business!

    From My Heart to Yours,

  3. Very beautiful commentary of what the Lord worked in you during that most “crying- out -to-the- Lord” time!! Karen

  4. Oh Ceal,

    I could not have made it through without you! Thank you for your friendship, your faith, and your hospitality that made a terrifying situation turn into one that brought comfort and gave glory to God!

    Love you, too

  5. Again this brings back a whole lot of memories and that special time we shared together. Although it was a hard time for us all, we definitely saw the hand of God. And that was His purpose. Yes, your beautiful mother was a miracle and I am so thankful we got to have her for another 4 years!
    As far as do miracles still happen, I have to say with a resounding YES!!!!! The have happened in my life too many times to count and they continue, just about everyday. Thanks again for bringing back these memories so we can once again give glory to God!
    I love you, my friend,


  6. How we all loved and respected your Mother, in life I believe that all people who believe in
    God are blessed but some are more blessed than
    others – your Mother was one of more blessed and
    having you in her life was the greatest blessing
    of all – we love you. Patcee

  7. Just like Jesus in the garden, we cry out for this cup to be taken from us, but we must also include what Jesus said right after that. “But not my will do I want done, but yours.”

    And I do think that in our times of need, God also sends the faithful attending angels to give strength to us. Not so we will be relieved of the pain, but so that we might endure it.

    Thanks for this great testimony.

  8. Wow! What a testimony!

    My mother was unable to come to our wedding because she was so ill. She didn’t tell me how sick she was until we returned from our honeymoon. Four months after we were married, we saw my mother delivered from her deathbed. We are still rejoicing in that miracle!

    Thank you so much for opening your heart in this series!


  9. Oh, Jennifer! How painful that must have been. To not have your mother at your wedding and then knowing that she was so ill. I’m sure it must have affected your joy in the moment to a certain extent.

    Praise God for His miraculous healing of your mother! He is so good–even if things don’t go the way we want. I have to keep reminding myself of how many times He has shown Himself faithful in my life!

    From My Heart to Yours,

  10. Yes, it was hard for her not to be there. The strange thing is, we’re so close that sometimes I forget she wasn’t there. It’s like she was there in spirit or something.

    And no, things don’t always go the way we want them too. Jeremy’s mom was sick at the same time, and she got to come to our wedding, but she died before our first anniversary. I don’t know why things happen the way they do. Why did his mom die and my mom live? God knows the big picture, and we will be reunited with Mama J. someday, so it will all work out!

    Love you, friend!


  11. Janis,
    I’m glad you told me about this post as I was very blessed by the reading. Four more years! Isn’t God good? What a harrowing experience that must have been for your family.

    And the roses. So beautiful a memorial.

  12. Janis – I love hearing about how God is faithful in the middle of overwhelming and terrorizing circumstances. His miracles are wonderful, and He is so good. And even when something “miraculous” doesn’t occur, He’s still good.