The High One — 16 Comments

  1. these pictures are amazing….I can only imagine what it must feel like to stand there and drink in all the beauty.

  2. Sarah–It was an amazing feeling, full of awe for God
    Julie–You described Him so beautifully for who He is. Thank you for your prayers. It’s good to be home again.
    Ceal–Thank you for the welcome. I am so blessed to have you and Julie as great friends. God blessed us immensely. Thank you for all the prayers.
    Katie–God’s beautiful creation is awesome.

  3. Now that’s the kinda place I would love to have an anniversary holiday at. The scenery is spectacular and isn’t God’s creation just so beautiful from the barren tundra to the pretty little wildflowers. Congratulations on being 35 years together.

  4. welcome home!
    Now Unto the the KIng Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, The only wise God
    Be Honor and Glory forever and ever! Amen!

  5. WELCOME HOME!!! You were missed!!!!
    These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! So happy you had a wonderful time!!! God is good!!!! Love you!!


  6. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! What beautiful scenery…and such a wonderful place to celebrate 35 years together!

  7. Janis,
    These are gorgeous! I love to come here, Janis, and always leave with my full. What a beautiful place to celebrate an anniversary. Happy 35 to you!

  8. Beautiful photos, Janis – and I’m so glad that you had a wonderful vacation. Nothing like some time in God’s great wilderness to restore a sagging spirit and fill a heart with the glory of His creation!

    Yes, it’s such a privilege to know “The High One” personally. He stands in eternity past, present, and future – the Great Mountain of our faith. Oh, what a glorious LORD!

    It was my pleasure to guest post on your blog – but I’m thrilled that you’re back in Blog Land! Looking forward to more of what God shared with you while you were on vacation.


  9. Janice, first of all, happy anniversary – belated of course. Second, those pictures are magnificent. I covet your trip 🙂 and throwing in how amid all of the natural beauty you flipped your phone on and talked to home. Funny! I look forward to reading more new stuff from you – I hope you are refreshed – you and your hubs and your marriage. Thank you for this treat. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours.

  10. What beautiful memories and gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing them with us. Alaska is one place I would like to go. Especially on a day like we’re having now with 110 degrees.