Have You Placed Today’s Order? — 4 Comments

  1. I love this writing as I look at my ‘messy’ dining room table and wonder how did it get that way so fast again?
    In fact the other night I said to my husband ‘we should eat at the table it really is much nicer than trying to balance your plate’ his response was …”we can’t find it”.
    At first it angered me because I do work at keeping the house presentable but then I changed the anger into a voice of agreeing.
    My spiritual life is often a mess too but in the process of cleaning and restoring order we can work at removing unnecessary ‘stuff’ on our tables and in our hearts.
    Thanks for the wonderful reminder.

  2. Good commentary, Janis! Your illustrations of God’s order of doing things are all very good. The scriptures that come to my mind in terms of order are: Matt. 6:33, Col. 3:1, and I Cor. 14:40 Hope you have a great day!!! Karen

  3. @Thoughts for the day~ So glad you stopped by today and that the reminder of God’s order blessed you. You aren’t the only one with a buried table. Blessings on getting your life in order.

    @Karen~Thank you for commenting, my dear orderly friend. And thank you for the Scriptures.

    From My Heart to Yours

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog. This post on order struck me. I grew up in a pretty chaotic home and could not keep order in ours. I found Flylady a decade ago and know my kids will not find it such a struggle to deal with the detritus floating in their lives.