He Calms the Storm — 8 Comments

  1. Every day! EVERY day! And what a blessing 🙂 And SO glad you are doing ok 🙂

    Thank you! I was so blessed by this wonderful reminder of these encouraging Bible verses – God has been reinforcing them several times for me in the last few weeks. I so appreciate Him using you to do so as well.

    Have a blessed Word-Filled Wednesday!

  2. Janis!
    Don’t you just praise God for friends who are obedient and don’t “dismiss” hearing from the Lord? Wow….so glad that storm has passed and that you are okay…thankful for friends who listen to the leaning of the Lord…

  3. A very intense time, my friend, but God certainly knew all that you were feeling and all that He knew of the situation. GOD IS IN CONTROL OF OUR LIVES AND THE UNIVERSE ( INCLUDING THE OCEAN) AND PROVIDING IN THE MIDST OF THE STORM…. a VERY GRIPPING BLOG. THANK YOU FOR SHARING HOW GOD SPOKE TO YOU IN THE MIDST OF A STORM—– God says, I LOVE YOU< Janis. YSIC Karen

  4. I heart when God says hello like this. I think we hear him more in times of storm because we listen harder. I’m really glad I got a chance to come by today. I always heart your stuff.

    God bless and keep you and all of yours Janis.

  5. Father God, Thank You for taking sweet Janis through these storms and protecting her! Thank You for calming the storm and quieting her spirit, and the seal on a flag of “In God we trust”and we do!

    Thank You Lord for the beauty of You in this passage from scripture and this wonderful photo illustrating Your majesty!

    I’m so glad that You gave Janis peace in the storm… just as You bring me daily when living in a violent storm of gunshot and drug cartel wars here in Mexico, You constantly keep me under Your wing of protection and safe in You! I truly know what it is to rest in the cleft.

    Your peace is like no other. Please take any worry from us and keep us from any unnecessary anxiety because we know You care for us! Thank You for Janis’ friend, her obedience and that she shared this with us. Bless Janis and continue that she fly the friendly skies safely under the storms because she has You in her life to go before her and with her each day. We ask You in Jesus name… and give You praise!