There is Life in the Dying — 13 Comments

  1. Thank You Lord for the Glorious Beauty that Janis has so eloquently shared through her fabulously gorgeous flowers to Your powerfully wonderful Word! Delicately balanced life and death, but the Victory makes me want to Rejoice with Janis! Even though Janis has endured through some painful “stings” as I, she quickly remembers Your Truth! Continue to pour forth more Hope, Joy and Love on Janis as she recognizes Life in Your creation surrounding her. You are the Resurrection and the Life! We give You thanks and praise for each Truth Janis has brought forth in Word and image!

    The Power of Your Love for my WFW today

  2. beautiful Janis! I am always shocked here where I live that anything grows because our winters are so long and harsh… yet God astounds me yearly with the beauty!

  3. Amen Janis, Winter never ever swallows up Spring – except for Ice Ages (◠‿◠). But even then it’s spring somewhere. And I heart these words, “The grip imposed by sin, untangled by Jesus.” that is poetry!!

    God bless you and keep you – and all of yours.

  4. oh janis, this is exquisite… the photos and words combined. it stuns me every time, how earth proclaims hallelujah in the simplicity of a tree budding. love to you sister.

  5. These verses especially spoke to me, to what I was crabbing about mere seconds before. Thank you for the reminder that Jesus has overcome and not just forgiven sin. And that first picture of the ruffly rose is swoony!

  6. Beautiful pictures, and such an inspiring message. Indeed, He has overcome – even the worst that the enemy can throw at us – death. HE conquered even that – especially that!!

    GOD BLESS, Janis!