He Delights in You — 15 Comments

  1. Very reassuring post Janis… and such a beautiful song too. I had never heard it before, so thank you for posting it.

    Where have I found safety? Only in His arms. How did He rescue me? He saved me from myself, first of all… a broken mess whom He lovingly pulled from the miry clay, and pieced back together.

    God bless you, and hugs to Chip! Have a wonderful WFW!

  2. I think so many of us stumble on the “He delights in ME” part…doing Breaking Free right now and that is where it all begins…with the knowledge that HE wants to lead us and all we’ve got to do is humble ourselves to it…

    beautiful Janis!

  3. Blessings Janis, I too, find much Comfort in this song and this beautiful, reassurance of your word, message and that beautiful photo!!! Just precious to see the flowers and the beauty of nature as you walk this path.

    Where I live and the trip back and forth allows me to see constantly the Lord’s safety over me. But once I arrive, even along the way, it is in music and my special time in His lap or arms that give me the sense of His wonder, Rescue, Delight! He rescues me constantly from the pit and places me on higher ground and thoughts of His glory! I loose myself in good Christian songs to break through sometimes, though I should find this in His Word, there is something that reaches me deep inside when He comes through the message of a song or a blogger! Thank you, Janis!


  4. Janis – God rescued me from some “prodigal wandering” and brought me home to His arms, His heart, and His blessings!

    He is SO GOOD!