The Victory is Ours — 7 Comments

  1. Oh I am so GLAD that Chip is ok! My heart was beating fast throughout your story. Tell Chip that Aunty in Australia loves him 😉

    I related to this post, the fear, then the faith kicking in. Thank you for writing so beautifully, and so real.

    God bless you Janis… kisses to Chip.

  2. Janis – Now I have a picture of sweet Chip in my mind, and so I am extra-happy that he is healing so well. It’s so true what you say. Just last week, a friend and I were sharing about how the “enemy” seems to attack just when we LEAST expect it – or sometimes RIGHT AFTER a tremendous spiritual victory. I was reminded that immediately after Jesus was baptized, right after God said, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy” – THAT WAS WHEN He was led into the wilderness to be tested!!

    We, too, must always be on guard. And Lord, give us the strength to STAND!!

    xoxo to you and Chip!


    (p.s. Marty is doing a “guest post” on Thursday, in case you’ve got time to wander on over 🙂

  3. ~Amanda, Chip will be so happy that he has a sweet Aunty in Australia that loves him.

    ~Susan, God is truly good. He has blessed us abundantly.

    ~Thoughts for the day, thank you for special thoughts for Chip. He is an awesome dog. A rescue from the Humane Society. Guess the Lord wants to use him for more stories.

    ~Sharon, thank you for all your notes and prayers for Chip. Today, he is doing really well. Came to the door to greet me (the door that leads only to the garage!).
    Thanks for that great reminder of the testing Jesus went through right after His baptism! Perfect example of how we need to be on our guard after a victory!

    From My Heart to Your Hearts~You are all so special,


  4. “Laugh today – cry tomorrow.” That’s true, but not entirely. You might laugh tomorrow, or you could be bored out of your mind. 🙂 I’m glad that Chip is doing well.

  5. I am thankful that Chip is recovering. I can remember times like that, when I KNEW I should pray, but just froze! Somehow, I believe our precious Holy Spirit prays for us in those moments! Hope all is well now. Bless you.