HOPE — 10 Comments

  1. May your year be anchored in the God of hope! May you be aware as he fills you with peace and the power of the Holy Spirit! Such a strong and gracious verse.

    • Sheryl~thank you for your visit and your prayer that my year will be anchored in the God of hope. I desire to notice His peace and the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in my life. May God bless you.

  2. Janis, it looks like God has already begun to give you hope. I have watched you in the past few months give up some of the struggle and realize it is God’s problem. It isn’t easy. As a friend once told me, “It is the death of a dream”. But it was my dream not necessarily God’s. I have been a long time in realizing God knows what He is doing, and I don’t have to manipulate the situation. I can sit back and trust. I continually have to remind myself that He is my Only hope.

  3. Hi Janis,

    This would be a good word for me also. Trust would run a very close second.

    My verse seems to be “I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength” – I just have to really believe it.

    God Bless – Nita

  4. What a perfect word for 2013; HOPE! I love that word for you Janis. So glad you are moving forward with hope. We can have hope because of who we belong to. He is our hope.

    Blessings and love,

    PS. My word is SURRENDER.

    • Debbie, it’s so good to have you visit again. He is our Hope especially in the darkest hour.

      I like your word, “Surrender” and your references to Catherine Marshall’s books in your post. She was a great Spirit-filled writer.


  5. Janis, I pray for HOPE for you this year. I know some of the struggles that have been in your life, and I just know that God *whispered* this word to you – I know this is what He will bring to your heart this coming year.

    The word that He gave to me was DIRECTION. It’s been difficult adjusting to my new mountain home. I have wondered why He *removed* me from all things and people familiar. So…I found it comforting that He will make this a year of direction for me. I need it!

    I join you with HOPE for God’s continuing Presence in the midst of our struggles, and for DIRECTION into His purposes.


  6. “I had in my heart the whisperings that had been drowned out…” Janis, I feel so honored to receive your One Word HOPE, as the Lord gently laid this word on your heart again. I am feeling better today and wanted to make sure I visit again to let you know how you blessed our faith jam.. and me with your voice… and your heart. *hugs*