I Think I Need a Little Help Here — 16 Comments

  1. “The believer’s posted sign does not begin with “Only You.” We have the Holy Spirit to help us live this new creation life.” Great reminder in your words, had to repeat them here in the comment.

    Linda J

  2. Wonderful insight you’ve shared Janis. Thank goodness we’re not left on our own but we’ve been given the gift of the Holy Spirit.

  3. Thank you everyone for stopping by.

    Wanda, I agree. Thank goodness for the Holy Spirit.

    Ceal, Life does go smoother if we heed the warnings.

    Beth, God’s warnings and His blessings that await obedience are phenomenal.

    Ozjane, good insight. If we heed His Word we won’t hit the speed bumps.

    Linda, I’m glad you liked the emphasis on following the Christian life is not up to “Only You.”

    Denise, Ah, the blessings of His Word.

    Christian, God’s freedom does come with responsibilities. His promises with obedience.

  4. I really like this. Great analogies with the road of life and speed bumps. If we heed the warnings our life can go a lot smoother!


  5. I love the sign.

    Christianity isn’t like being third string on a Super Bowl winning team. A third string player may never see the field in action, but as Christians we are all called to participate.

    If we asked the question, “What if spreading the Word of God was completely up to you and no one else?” We may need to re-evaluate our priorities if we leave it up to others now, but we would do something if it was totally up to us.

  6. Blessings Janis…what a wonderful devotional on these verses from Galatians! Great sign… I daily have to contend with speed bumps and to the Mexicans drivers, the bumps do NOT slow them down.
    So thankful that I heed them because shocks sure take a beating! Great analogies and lessons for us all! I’m paying attention! I need the Holy Spirit every day but not sure about what He may be warning me about except the most important issue to asked… doing it in my own strength when I fail and know that in my weakness, He is stronger and much better and my Sufficiency!
    (When will I get this all right?) Love this!

    Thank you so much…and also for your exhortation! May His love & fruit keep growing and showing in you and me!

  7. I love God’s Word for its guidance on how we should better ourselves and live as Christians. Love the scriptures you shared. Your post is true and right. Blessings to you on this WFW!!

  8. Kevin,
    You have a great way of seeing a new meaning–even in signs. I think it’s funny that you like the sign. However, your interpretation should move all of us to know our responsibility in spreading the Good News!

    Thank you for stopping by and adding me to those you follow. It’s a blessing, indeed!

    My Journey Back,
    It is always good to meet one on the road back. We’ve all been there and learned of the Lord’s faithfulness to keep us. May you be blessed.

    Thank you for stopping in. So much to meditate on in His Word. The same Scripture verse read 5 times can have different meanings depending on where we are in life.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  9. I sort of like God’s speed bumps. They make me slow down so I don’t scrape up my backside. 🙂

    How grateful I am that he paves these roads with grace and speed bumps and warning signs. My car would have a lot more dents without a few reminders to Sloooooooow Down and Be Still. (Psalm 46:10)

    Thank you, Janis, for your thoughtful posts. You’re a blessing to the High Calling community.