In the Cool of Evening — 10 Comments

  1. In these blistering hot days of summer (yes, very hot even up here in the mountains!) – the cool of the evening is a welcome respite.

    Just like a walk with Jesus.


  2. Visiting from the Sunday Community – on Monday. We used similar photos and verses – mine is the morning, yours the evening. Good reminder that the Lord is there all day long!

  3. Hi Janis…what a great reminder that all day, God is calling us to praise him in all things!

    Happy 4th of July!

    Peace in Christ,

  4. Amen. Should it be so that our mouths be filled with His Praise…all the day long!

    Welcome to SDG’s Coast-to-Coast sisters, Janis. I meant to come by sooner, but am just now arriving! After reading your “About Me”, I believe God will bless your writing on this blog for it sounds like you have followed His call for your life at this time.

    May this 4th of July be filled with the freedom we receive in Christ along with that which we have here in the USA.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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