In the Quiet of the Storm — 10 Comments

  1. Janis, I may not always comment, but I always enjoy reading your thoughts and marveling at how well you capture the moment in a meaningful way for all of us. Thank you for putting MY thoughts into words, for so many times when I read what you have said, I think, “That is just how I feel”. It was good to see you yesterday. I look forward to seeing you Tuesday night, and also at Donaldson…

  2. Janis, I enjoyed reading your thoughts today. Yes, I experienced the comfort & help from family members also this weekend. It rained down our way Saturday. My wonderful husband mopped floors for me! I so appreciated it. I hope you drop by my place. IN HIM, Karen

  3. Linda

    This is a lovely list Janis. There really is something so refreshing about a storm. I love snuggling under the covers and hearing the rumble of thunder and rain pouring from the eaves of the roof.
    Thank you so much for visiting.

  4. Janis,
    thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, and leaving such a beautiful and thoughtful comment.
    ( I see we share in the Gratitude Community w Ann. She is just an oh my , no? )

    I have 5 children and am still continually learning this parent thing, this picking our battles and giving space thing. It is such a balance.

  5. It’s a special treat to have you stop by, Deb. Ann@Holy Experience emits a unique presence of the Holy Spirit, humility, and joy. Wish I could hear her speak at Relevant this year:( Maybe another time.

    Thank you for taking the time to come by.