Chicken Caesar Salad — 6 Comments

  1. thanks for leaving a comment on ‘solace’
    it’s almost 8 here on this summer morning
    where in the world are you already making dinner?!?!?
    or twas it last night?
    looks good tho even over my coffee!

  2. all that I am~Such a funny comment. Hope you enjoy the Caesar Salad for dinner, not breakfast!

    Hi Richard~there are plenty of hot days left here in Arizona. Hope you enjoy the easy, tasty meal. Good hearing from you again.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  3. Great pictures to go with this post, and what a great idea to keep the heat outdoors. Love how easy this is–seems like your son could easily make this, too!

    So glad you link to Food on Fridays, so we can share the day!

  4. thanks for responding to my silly inquiry…
    I see it right there in front of me as I open your profile page…this time!?!?
    I am in hot and hummmmmmmmiddd West Virginia!

    I need to take some time to read your blog…

    but in the meantime…I will ask another question…
    that I’m sure I would find the answer to if I did
    I think I saw “retired and loving it….” written somewhere…
    whatcha do?