Invoking the Blessings From God’s Word — 14 Comments

  1. In times where human words are simply inadequate, it’s amazing that we can turn and find such peace,assurance and promise in the Word of God….

    Praying with you…

  2. Janis, I love your Psalm for the New Year. I have been sitting here reading it — three times — trying to take in its richness. Thank you for sharing that. You and God’s Word have blessed me this morning!


  3. A very beautiful share this morning Janis and may God give comfort to those families suffering in Tuscon. I have heard so many news stories of brave and compassionate people who aided those who were injured.

  4. such powerful and beautiful words from our Lord. My prayers are also with those who have suffered in Tucson.

    Joy & Blessings,

  5. Truly Psalm 20:1-7 was our life this week!! We experienced a miracle!!
    We were in distress and He protected us and gave us the desires of our heart. We ARE SHOUTING FOR JOY!!! We are victorious and lifting our banner in the name of our God!! He has granted our request!!! To God be the GLORY!!! Thank-you for sharing these verses and being a blessing to all those who read what God has put on your heart! I love you my friend.


  6. I can think of nothing more to ask of the Lord than the words you have shared. May He be present in every moment, as we trust Him for our lives.

    Thoughts to the mourning in Arizona…