Prayer is on Their Lips — 12 Comments

  1. I watched this story unfold on the news…my heart broke and it reminded me all we have is the present moment to live our lives and to live with more prayer and purpose. Thank you for posting this….

  2. Sarah~how true. We only have “the present moment to live our lives.” Will be posting something along those lines for tomorrow. Our pastor had a good sermon regarding this. Thank you for stopping by.

    Susan~with sin in the world there will always be tragedies. Praise Jesus that He has overcome the world. Thank you for visiting today.

    Donnie~thank you for your prayers and concerns. They make such a difference. Blessings to you.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  3. Hi Janis,

    I am saddened that I live in a country whose people have been blessed by God with so much, yet we can be so unforgiving and resentful. America seems to be consumed with bitterness and resentment. Politicians and news media snipe back and forth like jackals, citizens bring weapons to political gatherings, and the Christian church in America appears strangely silent.

    Where are the religious leaders today? Do Americans only need God in a time of crisis?

    I too, join you in praying for the leaders and people of America.

    Blessings and peace.


  4. MTJ~anger and violence have permeated the moral fabric of our country. And people claim their First Amendment rights to say whatever they fell like without regard for others. It is sad. Prayer is the only answer. Thank you for stopping by.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  5. Janis – I am saddened by this terrible news. And I am further saddened by a country that seems to ignore God because He isn’t “politically correct” – Of course, prayer must be our first-line defense against spiritual bankruptcy in America – but I would also affirm that WE, as Christians, must NOT BE SILENT!


  6. Ginger~thank you for your prayers for the families directly affected by this tragedy and prayers for our country. Sooo needed!

    Sharon~America is spiritually bankrupt. You hit the nail on the head. We, as Christians, must learn how to speak up in such a way that ears are opened and eyes will see the moral decay in our country. And, our citizens will repent, returning to the Biblical roots upon which our country was founded.

    Thank you both for stopping by.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  7. It certainly has been a sad time for AZ and for our country. My prayers go out to the families of the victims.

  8. Our state has certainly been the center of attention for several days now. I really like the Ronald Reagan quote. One of the things that amazed me most about the service last night was the scripture that was read. When there is a crisis you don’t hear as much about separation of church and state. It’s a shame we can only call on God or even acknowledge that he exists when something like this happens in our country. We need Him all the time, not just in crisis situations.