Just Like My Father — 12 Comments

  1. Absolutely wonderful post! Lump in my throat. We just completed a year long study of the book of John so those verses really hit home with me. What a precious lesson, and precious compliment to his father. Thanks so much for this Janis!

  2. Wow, Janis–you are blessed! This does not happen to every mom, so know how much God has given you. I’m glad!

    Love, Cindy

  3. Rob,
    I’m glad you found a connection within my post. It’s not often that we hear our sons say something like this. So, we’re treasuring it.

    I will keep in mind how blessed I am! Thank you for pointing it out.

    In Him,

  4. I enjoyed your post. It made me think of my relationship with my sons and our relationship to the Father. Blessings.

  5. This reminded me of my husband, who is just like his father, and now our two sons do things like their father, not because he said much, but because they were around him and learned to value what he values. It is such a joy to see that they are responsible, productive adults, and I thank the Lord for that. The connection to our Heavenly Father was perfect….

  6. Great post Janis. Some of the best times I ever had with my Dad were when I was working with him on the farm or at his tire store. I really got to know my Dad by working with him. It’s the same way with my Heavenly Father. I get to know Him best by working with Him, doing what He’s doing.
    Now if I can just get my teenage son to “get it.” Maybe I just need to invite him to work with me more. –Richard

  7. Hi LaShorne,
    Thank you stopping by and reflecting on how it pleases the Father when we do things just as He would do them.

    Hi Anita,
    Thank you for your comment. It encourages me to know that our sons will follow their father here, and ultimately their Heavenly Father.

    So good to have you visit. It takes a while for the teenage sons to model their father–some longer than others as I am learning. The invitation to have your son work with you is a good one.

    Blessed by your comments,

  8. Great post Janis. This statement really made me take pause and reflect: The desire to do something just the way our Heavenly Father would do it brings Him great joy and gives Him great glory…

    My desire is to bring glory to the Father!

  9. This is a fantastic post. I have tears in my eyes, and he’s not my son! How wonderful for you, as his mother, to see him doing such a great job. He’s going to be just fine, despite the economy. God will use his work ethic to open doors for him!


  10. 1. The borders and design look fine to me.
    2. I would go to flickr and search the creative commons photos for a picture that would complement your layout and expresses your personality and add it to the header. Richard did a great job on his and he uses blogger.
    3. I don’t think your “getting to know me” and “contact me” pages are considered sneeze pages. If you had a page with all the post from a specific category, I thing that would qualify as a sneeze page. As far as your categories I personally like searching these in the sidebar. But I realize this is personal preference. Again, this is personal preference, you may ask the others what they think, but I like to see the categories higher in the page. I would move them up above your google friend connect, the comments badge, and the archives. Your categories tell me more about what your blog is about and gives me more options to explore than the other items I just listed.
    4. Don’t know.
    5. It has been a while since I have worked with blogger but I think that this is just a widget in your sidebar and you should be able to delete it. If you choose to do this I think you should add your photo to the “getting to know me page.”
    6. The text is fine to me. There are different thoughts on post length so I am not sure there is a right answer. I am shooting for an average of 500 words. Sometimes is is 370 and other times it is 640. However, 500 words seems to be enough for me to get my thought across and compact enough to prevent me from rambling.
    7. I have enjoyed reading your posts. I like the way you look through the lens of your life and see God in the midst of it.
    8. I am still working on my sidebar as well so I am no expert. But here are my thoughts. I don’t think you need the “all material is copyrighted” in the sidebar. I would try and put this in the footer area or at the end of each post somehow. You may be able to find a widget that would allow you to put text in one of these areas. If you removed that and the “view my complete profile” that would pull everything up. This would put your subscription options at the top right near you post title for everyone to see. And if you moved your categories up, they would be near the top and searchable. Again this is just my opinion, I don’t think having a blog roll in your sidebar is a good idea. It just gives your readers more opportunity to leave your sight and go somewhere else. The idea is to get them to stay and search your blog. You can link to these blogs in a single post by highlighting an article or sharing their links on twitter (just my opinion).
    9. I am still trying to learn this myself.
    10. Be persistent and keep writing. Even if it doesn’t draw big numbers, God will use it to change lives.

    I hope this helps. Again, most of this is just my opinion with very limited experience. God Bless!!!