PLAN PLAN PLAN–Day 12 of 31 dbbb — 2 Comments

  1. I’m so glad you took the time to try to plan! I did too, although I normally fly by the seat of my pants on my blog, for some reason. The only thing I “know” I’ll write each week is how I’ll handle the weekend post.

    I want to plan for my blog so it’s easier, so I did that the past two days as well. I’ve already altered my editorial calendar somewhat, but at least I had something to alter!


  2. What I love about your blog:
    1. personal pictures not Google ones.
    2. simple things, like greasy fingers on
    a pot – how many times have we all done
    that – but you fixed the problem – how
    many of us do not?
    3. your ending “From my heart to yours”
    4. your lists, easy to read and relate to
    5. I like lists also, as you can see
    6. what is a “header” – is it the side
    Sorry, don’t know much about computers just
    learning – sent several comments but don’t
    think any went through – I’ll pray this one
    does. patcee