Lessons From Chip, the Wonder Dog — 12 Comments

  1. Who knew one little dog could impart so much wisdom?

    And Janis, I love your post below about learning with the visually impaired student. God bless your generous heart!

  2. This was a beautiful analogy and really brought your message home. I have a little dog and I could so relate to your stories of Chip. I pray that I will become more that way with God every day.

    Blessings to you this WFW!

  3. Oh he is beautiful…our pets teach us so much.
    It is a wonder Moggie has not come to pull me to bed…..usually by this late I have had a visit, but I moved some furniture before so she is probably still captivated by that.

  4. What a great dog!! And wonderful analogy. We can learn so much from our dogs!! Oh that we would yearn to stick close and closer still to our Master. 🙂 Have a great day!

  5. Don’t you just LOVE when the Lord takes what is right in front of you and turns it into HIS words!? I LOVE that and this was just so neat! You’re right…we can learn much when we notice and look to the dogs! 🙂

    Janis, have a blessed day!

  6. Oh, how I LOVED this one!!

    Chip is such a very sweet boy – I loved all the photos of him. My favorite might have been his face poking through in the computer room. “He just wants to be where you are.” That’s so true – that’s at least one of the main reasons I love dogs so much.

    I got to spend some time with Marty on Sunday/Monday. I slept all night in my sons’ recliner – because Marty chose to sleep “smack dab” up against me. There was such a peace in my heart, feeling his warmth, hearing his breathing (snoring!!), and being able to hold him all night long.

    Like you said, this reminded me of God. His warmth is with me all the time, His breath is as close as a prayer, and He is “smack dab” next to me no matter where I go. That gives me such an immeasurable sense of peace. Where can I go from His presence? Nowhere!

    You’re right, Janis – it’s time to dance and play…


    Chip, this is Marty here. Liked your pictures a bunch! You’re a handsome guy! Do you think you could talk my people into pizza Friday night?? Or at least string cheese Tuesday? Keep loving your people, and keep pointing them to the Great Master!! Gotta go – got a ball to chase!

  7. Hi Everyone,
    I so enjoyed your comments and the insight you added to my post.

    Mildred~we think our dog is pretty cute, too. And lovable.

    Dorie~so glad you found this post offered you opportunities to meditate on the Lord.

    Michelle~I’m the one receiving all the blessings from working with my visually impaired student. I’m stretched and challenged each day, and always seeking the Lord for His guidance on how I can best meet this precious one’s needs. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Donna~the Lord teaches us so much from those around us as well as the pets He places in our lives. Praying we’ll all grow to spend time enthusiastically before the Lord.

    Susan~glad you enjoyed the illustration.

    Jane~that was a cute comment about your cat. I know Chip will sometimes heave a sigh on the steps when I’m up too late writing. “Like when are you going to bed?” he asks! They’re a blessing in our lives.

    Mary~Yes, it is a journey and progress of learning to stick closer and closer to the One who loves us most–Our Master.

    Lori~I do love when the Lord teaches me a lesson from what is happening in my life and surroundings.

    Harter~I will have to get over and read what you learned from your fish.

    Sharon~Thanks for coming over. Your time with Marty sounds precious. Almost like having a little one falling asleep on you. They are so cozy and loving. I really liked your insight about how this reminded you of God. “His breath is as close as a prayer.”

    Thank you all for visiting. You blessed my day.

    From My Heart to Yours,