Seeing Through His Eyes — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Janis, My mother was legally blind most of my life. She lived life to its fullest and taught me so much about “seeing” with my heart. God bless you and this little student you are working with.

  2. Janis – this is a beautiful post. My mother once worked in a nursing home and I became acquainted with one of the patients who was blind. She “looked” upon others with a different perspective. She “looked” with her heart. She taught me a valuable lesson.

  3. Hello Janis, your entry inspired me today. I also worked with children who have impairment and I love their spirit.Happy WFW and blessings to you today.

  4. Janis!
    Wow….how amazing is it that God moves in ways that teach us when all along we think we’re doing the teaching…:) It IS all in our perspective! I LOVE this!! What a blessing you’ve shared!!


  5. Wow! This story is awesome. How cool that this second grader is opening your eyes too! I have a second grader and it makes me sad that we take things like eye sight for granted sometimes. Great post!!

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! Isn’t it amazing that even in the hardest situations, God can teach us about Him and His plan for our lives?


  7. Thanks for your visit….re the spider….my friend threatened not to visit until something else was on the front page. She rang from interstate to tell me today and I laughed as she is mad on ferrets and has pet ones in the house and I hate them……so I tried to tell her a spider was just another little furry creature….but no go. So crept outside in my nightie and quickly took a couple of photos.

  8. Sometimes my vision is cloudy, sometimes it’s clear. But I always try to FOCUS on the Lord. When I do that, the “writing” in my life usually becomes a LOT easier to read!


  9. Beautiful& powerful post! Yes, it made me focus on gratitude for what I have and also to be thankful for my eyesight & then it spoke to me about attitude in facing my trials in life & finally always keeping my focus on Jesus , the Author & Finisher of my faith .

  10. This is such a neat post. Sometimes having the spirit guide you through experiences really does open your eyes and give you a whole new perspective on things. I love that about the gospel, knowing that there are so many things to see and so many ways to see it if we live with the spirit in our lives. Thanks for sharing this post! It’s something to ponder on throughout this weekend.