The Harvest That Nourishes — 7 Comments

  1. Oh, these pics are gorgeous. I am positively salivating! I made a reference to nuturing the gifts God has given me in my post today. God is stirring me to embrace change and I am encouraged by your post and thankful for what He is doing in my life.

  2. This is such a “warm” post … the lighting and the rich color accompanied by your words. I can almost feel the texture of the orange in the second photo.

    Waiting for the harvest isn’t always easy … but it is worthwhile.

  3. Angel~Amazing how the Spirit whispers the same words of wisdom to us. To minister and get the word out.

    Karen~Yeah! It takes time!

    Patcee~Thanks for the encouraging words about our kids taking time. Do wish they could “ripen” faster–not that I want them out on their own yet, just filled with wisdom.

    Susan~Thank you so much for stopping by. I value your artistic assessment.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  4. How true this is. I sure wish I would grow up faster but the Lord is the vine-grower and it does take life’s experiences and TIME! Whew!

  5. Thank you for your blog today – our children are like your fruit – growing better, stronger, smarter each day/year – we just have to wait even if it takes many years! – and it will – thank you for the mention of the yams.