Life Overflowing — 9 Comments

  1. Loved reading your ‘thankful’ list once again Janis… I pray it all goes well re your job interview! Hugs to Chip, too, of course 😉

  2. Just came upon your blog. We can have life and have it more abundantly if we practice faith. I’m sure if the widow only got 3 empty jars that’s all she would have received. Because she got all the jars available she had abundant oil to supply her need. A good post. I invite you over to visit my post and follow if you like.

  3. I had some years that the enemy stole and killed and destroyed. But God was faithful, and returned an abundance of His Blessings to me and my family. He is just so good…

    Hope you get the job, Janis – keep me posted.
    And congrats to your husband – less stress is ALWAYS a good thing!

    xoxo to Chip, as always.


  4. Thank you all for stopping by.
    ~Amanda, Chip loves the hugs and kisses. He’s getting so spoiled these days.
    ~Ailene, I’m sorry you ran into difficulties but I’m glad you persisted in leaving your precious note about not asking for enough from the Lord.
    ~Sharon, the Lord is so good to restore what the enemy has tried to kill and destroy. Thank you for that reminder.
    ~S.Etole, thank you for your additional notes on the character qualities of our God.

  5. Hi Janis. It’s always nice to meet another AZ blogger. I added your blog to my AZ Blogger list. I like your list of blessings. Sometimes the “little things” turn out to be very big things. Add them all up and wow it’s amazing.