A “Love Idol” Journey — 15 Comments

    • Yes, Patricia! Resurrection Joy awaits us at the end of this lenten journey. Thank you for stopping by!
      From My Heart to Yours, Janis

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    • Thank you, Nannette. This is an exciting spiritual journey we are all on.
      From My Heart to Yours, Janis

  2. Power-packed, Janis. Yes, I have battled the *love idol* of approval all my life. May the Lord continue to wean my heart from false pursuits, and to realize that The Audience of One is ALL that matters!


  3. “What is that one thing or person that I crave to fill my deepest needs? Is it Jesus? As Christians, we will answer quickly that it is He.”

    You’re so right that we know the correct answer to give (A+ for us!). And I believe in our sincerity to *want* that to be our answer. But so many other things creep in with that answer…praying for a whole heart for Him!

    • Lisa~Join us on this journey to wholeness in the Lord. To allow the Lord to rid us of those things, persons, habits we put before God. But the purpose of this journey is to realize that the approval we are seeking elsewhere cannot satisfy us. Only the approval from the Lord, which He readily gives–has already given–will fulfill our every desire.
      Come join many of your friends on this Lenten journey, Lisa.
      Blessings, and hope to see you there.

  4. Hi Janis! Well, you are the second person to recommend this series, so I think I’d better hop over and check it out.

    Thank you! Have a blessed day my friend,

    • Ceil, I hope you have found out more about the “Love Idol” book written by Jennifer Lee. It has appeared at a prime time to refresh our souls during this Lenten season. It’s a time of giving up–but not giving up sweets or TV or some other pleasure. It’s a time of giving up the idols we run after for approval, instead of running after Jesus who offers us His approval wholeheartedly. Check it out.

  5. I’ve heard a bit about this book and study but now you’ve gotten me more interested. I will head over and check it out. Thank you for sharing.

    Blessings and love,

    • Debbie~you will be blessed to learn more about the journey this book takes one on. A journey of our inner soul, letting God uproot the idols and replace them with His approval of us and His love.
      Blessings on the journey, Janis

  6. Many people are posting about this book, and it’s got me pondering deeply. Approval issues have always plagued me. And, I’ve realized one thing lately – I still deeply crave the approval of my grown-up sons. Not being a daily part of their lives continues to be hard for me (even though they’re 31 and 27!!). And when I’m with them, I find myself wanting so much to know that they somehow still need me. Sometimes that backfires because it makes me *clingy*…

    Lord, teach me to seek approval from You alone – and to realize that You continue to use me in the lives of those I love.

    GOD BLESS, Janis.

    • Dear Sharon,
      You have blessed me tremendously by your comment. I have been skirting the deep issue of what holds my heart captive from the Lord. It is the very same subject you had the courage to reveal here. I’ve wanted to say that it is just approval~because we all crave that in one form or another, but the approval and relationship with our youngest son in particular is what keeps my heart locked up and not open to receiving God’s fullness of acceptance and approval.
      I was just spending time with the Lord and then your comment came. I, too, have to be courageous here. My fear is not what others might think but how our youngest will react if he or his fiance read my blog. And they do look for it at times, wondering what I am saying.
      Thank you, Sharon, for the truth to share this.
      Love you, my friend.