The Rest That Refreshes — 10 Comments

  1. Sarah~I think we all need to learn how to rest more. It’s a hectic world out there that hungers to devour us by sucking up all of our time.

    Mary~I look forward to getting to know you better, too. What a pleasure!

    Kaye~Thanks for stopping by. We’ll cool off a little this week, then head up to the high 70s again. But the fruit trees are producing some green again. I will have to post on that.

    Karen, glad my blog carries to His arms, my dear friend.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  2. Very good! I curled up in the Lord’s arms resting and reading your blog! Karen

  3. “Time to rest at His feet, even if I do not hear Him whisper.”

    Oh so important. I am learning this journey. Thanks for sharing, I came over from Faith Barrista jam.

  4. The word rest draws me like a moth to the flame. In a world of busyness I seek rest in the quiet of my home. Life has changed from my once busy mothering. I think our rest is different for whichever season of life we are in. I so appreciated this post.


  5. I love the description you made of the ways you like to rest. We all need to remember how important it is to have these moments of rest in our hurry up world. Hope you’re having a calm unhurried week.

  6. Oh! I just saw your link and am delighted to read your post, Janis. And look how your story strikes a cord with so many. We all long for true rest.

    Thank you for joining me on this journey.