The Rhythm of the Falling Rain — 9 Comments

  1. I know that song! Interesting that he wants to cray ‘in vain’…makes me think that sometimes when we want to run away or get caught up in our own rhythm versus the rhythm God set out for us- it IS an act of selfishness. Great post!

    • Hi Nicole, so nice to meet you here. Wow, what a great analysis of how crying in vain means going against God’s rhythm. And when we do that, it does hurt.

      Thanks for stopping by and Blessings,

    • Richelle,
      How funny! I didn’t think many people would recall that song. Glad you enjoyed the post. Hope you come back again and visit. Soon the title will read “Heart-Filled Moments.”


  2. I know and like this song too. Not too keen on rain, although it is much needed I know, it makes quite a racket here on the glass conservatory roof 🙂 Definately no good crying in vain, but I am sure we all do sometimes. Good post Janis, thanks for sharing it, have a blessed Son/Sunday.

    • Thank you, Nita, for stopping by. I agree with you that we probably all have cried in vain at times until we press into the Lord’s comforting arms.
      Hope the rain is gentle over your head 🙂


  3. Maybelle posted on your timeline
    “Janis I enjoy reading open my ears it is inspiring and makes me go back and read it again love maybelle”

  4. Your photos are just beautiful! So glad I found your blog today. I joined you on Facebook and Networked Blogs. I look forward to keeping up with you!