Waiting on the Lord — 13 Comments

  1. Oh how precious! And how encouraging these Bible verses are to me today. I, too, am waiting on several things and was so praying about it. And God used you to remind me to keep my eyes fixed on HIm and be patient. Thank you, Janis, for such a lovely Spiritual Sunday.

    And P.S. to Craig – as a member of the aging baby boomers, flirting with my senior citizen status, I LOVED the Partridge Family. I even tried one out on my oldest grandteen but so far, not that interested. 🙂 Fun memories, though. 🙂

  2. Janis – I so enjoyed this post and pictures. I never get over watching winter turn to spring and the way all creation starts over. So much of God’s hand and heart in all of this. I’m reminded of what Jesus said:

    ‘I long to gather you like the mother hen gathers her chicks’

    Safe in Him. Beautiful, moving post. Thank you.


  3. Patience leading to impatience – Interesting concept!! The picture reminds me of the beginning of The Partridge Family – but you’re probably not old enough to remember. Thank you for this today – I hearted it lots – and God Bless and keep you and all of yours.

  4. Oh boy, I certainly am lacking in the patience department! I love how God will demonstrate the fruits that we are lacking through the most unexpected of places or things!

  5. Claire~what a good comparison between God’s love to gather us to Him and the Mama quail sitting vigil on her eggs all gathered under her.

    Mildred~a blessed Sunday to you, too.

    Craig~oh, I’m old enough to know the Partridge Family show. Those quails now do remind one of partridges and how obedient those kids were!

    Kaye~waiting is hard. I’m glad God encouraged you with this post.

    sarah~thanks for stopping by. I think a lot of us have a hard time waiting. It’s our independent nature.

    katie~I love when God uses unusual circumstances to teach us a lesson. I’ll be learning this one for a long while.

    Shanda~missing those opportunities in the waiting is great insight.

    Susan~looking forward to the family in our flower pot as well!

    From My Heart to Yours,

  6. Aw, that is so sweet, I love it, Janis. I can’t believe they are in your flower pot on the porch!

  7. I love these little quail. We had a quail family in our back yard the last two springs and I see them walking along our back fence. I haven’t seen any little ones yet. I think they my be in the yard behind us this time. I took pictures last year of the little family walking alongside the pool – much like your picture. Thank you for sharing your little quail family. We could learn so much from these birds. I think it is interesting that the mama and daddy bird both keep watch over the little ones.