Counting It Joy — 3 Comments

  1. May God comfort you in these days Janis. That’s a lovely yard decoration – I love dragonflies and butterflies.

  2. Greetings from one “Janis” to another. I appreciate your visit to my blog. Your right..there are not too many with the same spelling. All my life I got..Janice…I hear from two other “Janis’s” also. I enjoyed reading your blog…The brunch recipe sounds delish…I may just make it for company I am expecting this week. Thanx for sharing and have a wonderful week! BTW love your yard art! I joined your follow list too!

  3. This post resonated with my heart today. Yes, I am rather weak in the endurance department. I get way too easily discouraged. Unfortunately, sometimes with faith it can be no pain, no gain. God teaches us so much when He stretches us. And the most important thing I’m learning is that His arms are a very soft place to fall.