A Chance to Meet IRL — 15 Comments

  1. This is wonderful Janice; I love how you composed this! How exciting to meet with a dear blogger friend IRL; I have often thought it would be such a sweet experience and blessing to meet some of dear people I have linked up with. I adore the pictures; I can tell by looking at them that you two immediately bonded in a loving real life friendship! 🙂

    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Hi Janis, it’s been a one since I’ve popped in for a visit. Reading this interview brings tears to my eyes. Even with all the blogs in the world, what each of us do in our own spaces matter. True God connections are formed beyond the boundaries of location. Hope your week is blessed and filled to the overflow with the Father’s presence.

  3. I know exactly what you mean! Meeting a blogging friend is so different as you already know their heart. I loved reading this interview style on your meeting with Sharon. Btw, I stopped by her blog to say hello as I wasn’t familiar with her blog …yet.

    Yes, our blog is a ministry and yes, it is REAL!

    Blessings and love,

  4. Hi Janis,

    I come to you from Sharon’s Blog. I so enjoyed her blog about meeting you and this interview with the pictures is wonderful. Sharon has become a very good blogging friend of mine. I too feel blogging can be a ministry especially when you write as Sharon does. I hope now to get to know you better too. I love the photo’s of you and Sharon, I wonder if you would mind, if I took copies of them?

    God Bless – Nita.

  5. This was such a wonderful day, wasn’t it Janis?! What joy still fills my heart! God gives us such great blessings (IRL!) – and one of them has certainly been the privilege of meeting you, both in Blog Land, and now in person. The Body of Christ has a strong heartbeat, and I’m so glad that it does. We need each other out there in the big old world. And I am heartened by those that are my *blessed encouragers* – and to have been able to look into your actual eyes, and hug you – well, that was just icing on the cake.


    (P.S. I still say we are awfully cute…just sayin’)

  6. Hi Janis! It is so nice to meet you! I popped over here from Sharon’s blog and am glad I did. I loved the truths about blogging that you shared – it is a ministry! I have felt the same way and have been so encouraged by my fellow bloggers “out there”. I am so glad that you got to meet Sharon IRL!

    Blessings to you!

  7. Hi Janis:

    I just visited Sharon and had to come over to read the interview. I love the way you did it.

    The photos of you together are so sweet – such pretty, smiling faces.

    I am also blessed by so many that I have “met” through blogging, both you and Sharon being among them.

    I truly believe that God is using this as a means of “going into every nation.”


  8. Denise~Sharon and I extended that bonding that had begun through our blogging friendship! What a joy!

    Wanda~I’m touched to know that this post brought tears to your eyes. The Lord does use each of us in different ways through our blogs. And yours, like Sharon’s, are always full of His word and encouragement.

    Debbie~I’m so glad that you stopped by Sharon’s blog. Her posts are brimming with insight from God’s word and sprinkled with humor. Looking forward to when we can meet IRL.

    Joan~Thank you for visiting from Sharon’s. Meeting her IRL was a joy!

    Sharon~There’s your smiling face and encouraging words. Yes, this has been a day filled with extra joy. But I just got home to respond. My computer at work won’t allow me to comment on the sites. Seeing you face to face–now that was the best! And the joy doesn’t end here. It’s only just begun. I’m sure the Lord has great work for each of us.
    From this blogging space to yours–lots of hugs and love. It was fun doing this!

    Joan~thank you for the encouragement on the interview style of presenting the topic. I’m glad you liked it. Sharon and I sure had fun writing and tweeking this back and forth. You should see all the different colors of ink we went through to get it just the way we wanted it!!!
    I’m blessed to have met you, Joan, through blogging. Your posts glorify God and lift Him on high as do your photos. Look forward to more blogging visits until maybe one day we can meet IRL.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  9. I love how God leads us to one another, to encourage, build up, and to love. Borders are no bounds for our God.

  10. So sweet. I love those *real-life* meetings. They just take the real life I’ve already shared with kindred souls and make it even ‘realer’ 🙂

  11. What a wonderful gift! I love peeking in on your friendship and your IRL meeting, Janis and Sharon. What a sweet story. The two of you together in one photo just makes me smile.

  12. What a special time. I loved the interview-type post. The questions were well thought out. And I love, love the fact that you were as blessed in real life as in blog land. This was a great read and gave me much to ponder of the hearts we see in our friends.