Change is Inevitable — 15 Comments

  1. I was told by a loved one this week, “People move on”, as they moved across the United States from me. I don’t like the trend of families being scattered from one coast to the other! (By the way, do you remember Ipana toothpaste?)

  2. I am so glad He never changes. I hate throwing things like TV’s, computers, cameras out because something better has come along and you do need it but you are sure someone could use what still works. Alas…it is usually the rubbish heap and I hate it. I have just used a new beater and it is trash. The cord is half the length of the previous one so I will always have to move near a power point to use it. And it was stiff and hard to use. I may yet go back to the old one …and I was looking forward to creaming butter and sugar in this. Not any longer. glad I changed recipes.
    I used to love a dry biscuit called Uneeda…all my life until a decade ago. So much is not on the shelf any more… has to be popular…so spend a fortune advertising it…it has to make money…one wonders for whom.
    I am so grateful that the Gospel which is so costly is free.

  3. i am thankful that Jesus never changes. when everything around us changes, He is the only one that remain constant. therefore, we can put our complete trust in Him.

  4. Janis!

    That was FANTASTIC! Oh my word! That just really got me! wow….what an amazing analogy from a bottle of clearance dish detergent! I LOVE when God uses the ordinary (like us) to teach the amazing truth!

    This was my fave of the day! AWESOMENESS!


  5. I think the hardest change for me is my body! As it gets older and bigger, things are beginning to break down and I am not able to do the things I used to do. This is disheartening to me. My once active life has now slowed down immensely. But even though my body is broken He still loves me and doesn’t want to throw me away for a newer and better model/product! I am HIS and always will be.


  6. Blessings Janis…

    So thankful that Jesus is the same and unchanging. That we can depend on Him. Awesome JOY!

    Wonderfully written and I love how you took us through many sad changes from familiar to now changed!

    My body changing is hard to handle but seeing loved ones and friends unexpectantly gone is the hardest for me still. The only comfort I draw from is that of Jesus!!! (I guess all the natural climate changes are difficult also for me because of the problems caused in natural disasters destroying many lives human and non-human ~ out of our hands but into His)!

    Thanks for a powerful contrast and pondering devo!


  7. This was so good. I can SO identify with what you are saying about changes of life. A beautiful Scripture, though, to remind us of our unchanging God.

  8. Wow. I am a bit ashamed to say that I am not sure I’ve ever thought through the changes of my life about how God is unchanging. My life has been filled with change over the last 5-10 years… without a doubt, there is more to come. Thank you so much for the reminder that no matter what changes in life, my God will always be there and be unchanging.

  9. Oh Wow! Brian and all of you ladies! Your comments have added so much to my little post. Look at what the Lord has spoken through you!

    Praise Him for His mighty revelations!

    From My Heart to Yours,

  10. Very good!!! And so true! We have Tom’s mom’s spaghetti strainer and our own newer one—–Would you like to borrow the mom’s one sometime?. Those things are so sentimental! Love, Karen

    (from my email)