Colors Roll Across an Autumn Sky — 8 Comments

  1. Those photos are absolutely glorious Janis! Isn’t He just the best Artist ever!

    I enjoyed your thankful points. Learning braille? How wonderful that would be! Thank You Lord for this provision of ‘reading’ that you inspired Mr Braille to invent for the vision impaired of this world!

    Bless you Janis for thinking of others the way that you do…

  2. Janis, the last sentence was so thought provoking! I would have to answer – growing and learning. Definitely some changes for me. But, change can be a really good thing. Thanks for sharing and asking. Excited for you to be featured on incourage. I’ll be reading!

  3. God is such a Master of color – His work is breathtaking!

    I’m planning to spend the day in the mountains with my sons one day this week. The trees should be beautiful.

    I’ll join you in being thankful for #315 – Christian friends to support and pray for me. I’m very grateful for each one of them – including you!


  4. Thank you all for visiting and your sweet comments. We are so blessed to be able to see the Lord’s magnificent creations and artistry in the sky. Working with the visually impaired and a student who has been blind from birth have given me new insights and appreciation for the gift of sight.