Creation Speaks — 16 Comments

  1. A gentle breeze – it is like His love that sweep over me on a windless day when He caused the tall Texas pines to bow for a brief moment in a gentle breeze that forever changed my life.

    Linda J

  2. Life…As I walk each morning and realize how life of all forms is connected…the trees give us the oxygen we need, how those plants and trees make their own food to sustain themselves, the individuality of the flowers, ALL OF IT…it’s all just so BIG and something we are not capable of…I return each morning amazed!

    wonderful post!

  3. My children and grandchildren……watching them grow and change in physical appearance as well as temperament and personality. I know that God created them and knew about them, long before they were even born. The same God who so assuredly worked in my life as a young child is alive and actively at work in the lives of each of our children and grandchildren. He not only created them. He is faithful to keep them.

  4. Wow, everyone. It is amazing how God speaks to each of you through His creation in a unique way. Each of us is special and uniquely created by God. What a visible way of seeing this.

    From My Heart to Your Heart

  5. Thanks for dropping by my place today! I greatly apprecite it!

    And thank you for the beautiful picture and the reminder that God’s creation speaks loudly of Him! I love all kinds of flowers and the ocean. Indeed you can look everywhere and see the beautiful handiwork of God!

    Oh! I really enjoyed “Quiet Confidence for a Woman’s Heart”. It is a study of Psalm 23 and the author really opened it up to a new understanding. I know you will enjoy reading and studying it as well.

    Blessings to you!

  6. Everything. Just everything. I can’t turn in any direction without a reminder of something: beauty, glory, grace, strength.

    I do like the faces of the flowers though. 🙂

  7. The laughter of an infant. It is pure and heartfelt and there is no other sound as sweet.

    I also love lightning. God’s power and beauty rolled into one.

  8. I think at the moment it is bulbs. We are in Winter in Australia and I have planted so many bulbs that a friend says they are whispering,’move over, mover over so I can grow”
    Ha !
    But I love that dead looking bulb pushing up through the ground to glorious beauty .,,,I love the promise in a bulb.

  9. I think at the moment it is a bulb, and I have planted so many this Autumn and winter in Australia that a friend says she can hear them whispering :move over, move over so I can grow’
    I love a dead old bulb coming to glorious bloom.