Panting for Water — 4 Comments

  1. Nice post Janice. I just said to someone this week that that God’s well never runs dry. The problem so often is that we sit in our deserts, dry and parched, never approaching his well. Sometimes we just look at it from afar. I want to stay at the well, drink as often as I want or need, and help others who approach. I have a feeling it’s shady there too!

  2. Stephani,
    How true! We look at the well but never approach it. How foolish! We would never do that if our bodies were thirsty. We sometimes don’t grasp the value of that spiritual drink.
    Thanks for coming by.
    From My Heart to Yours,

  3. Hi Kevin,
    It gets mighty hot here in Southern Arizona as well. By this time of year, if the monsoon has not hit, we can easily hit above 110 degrees.
    Need to refresh ourselves both physically and spiritually.
    Thanks for coming by.