The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave — 5 Comments

  1. Ceal,
    Thank you my friend. We do live in a Great Country, and for that we need to be thankful. Trusting the Lord for the rest takes faith–the faith of a bird resting in His care.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  2. Oh my this is the best!!! It just made me cry as it was beautifully written. We don’t ever want to forget how privileged we are to live in this Great country and to enjoy the freedoms and the protection we have here. Just like the doves we are able to birth our children in this safe place and nurture them until they leave the “nest” and trust God to do the rest. I love you my friend and I am so proud of you!!!


  3. Hi, received your blog this morning – I think my emails are slow coming in – loved your story and pictures of your nesting doves – it is such a miracle to see a life grow from a tiny container to a living life – and how our babies grow and
    keep growing from a tiny container – it is truly a miracle and all in God’s hands – which I thank Him everyday for that blessing

  4. That was so beautiful and a perfect scripture for it that I never noticed!

  5. Oh Janis! What a fitting tribute to our freedom. And boy, did you ever find the perfect verse!

    You asked: How am I celebrating? We’ve had lots of family at the farm this weekend. And all of them worshipped with us at our church today. What a joy to fill two church pews as a family!

    P.S. — It’s been great seeing you over at High Calling Blogs. You’re a blessing to the community!