Fitting Two Feet Into One Shoe — 6 Comments

  1. Wow. Janis. Thank you for sharing a powerful point with a powerful story from your real life. I don’t like the word “submit” because of the connotations you talk about, but I respond to the word “yield”. That I can do, when I think about my loving Savior whispering those words to me. What a beautiful jam you submitted. So glad you did!

  2. Oh my, Janis. Thank you for sharing a wonderful story – what a message in it. Yes, I agree – the word submission gets misused so often. I suppose when I think about the word, I try to think of it in terms of Jesus.

    He “submitted” to the will of His Father – not out of weakness, but out of obedience to God’s instruction and leading.

    It isn’t too difficult to yield to a husband that loves you and whom you trust. I’m lucky to have that kind of husband. But, my submission is ALSO an obedience and submitting to God’s authority in my life – and exhibits my trust that somehow He knows what works best in that “one shoe” of marriage!


  3. I think one of the best explanations of submission I’ve ever heard was at a friend’s wedding. He had a couple (not the bride and groom) come to the front to be the examples. He talked about how the husband submits to God by putting his wife on a pedestal. The wife submits to the husband by bending over so their faces are together, then they see eye to eye. I’m probably missing something but I thought it was a great illustration.

    I love your Mom’s “Fitting two feet in one shoe.” What a memorable picture!

  4. That was beautifully written and hit my heart like a bull’s-eye. Thanks for being vulnerable and following the Lord in obedience. I like that “fitting two feet into one shoe.”

  5. Mandy said
    -……that was beautifully expressed. The Lord always has our best interests at heart and when submission hurts, which it can, there is always a joyous outcome in some way. I love the story of your friends and how He used just one day to fulfil His purpose.