Soothing the Soul Storm — 13 Comments

  1. Janis, this is so beautiful. I really enjoyed this word.

    He is able and always there…

    Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

  2. Beautiful, Janis! I’m so honored to have my words here with yours. Thanks for encouraging my heart today too! Praying for you…

  3. Beautiful post, and I love that song! Blessings from Spiritual Sunday.

  4. Thanks, Janis, for your words of hope. You describe a soul’s storm so vividly with your methaphor of a thunderstorm. Trying to outrun the storm only results in drenching. When we take shelter under his umbrella, we may get our feet wet, but we hardly notice because we are enthralled with his closeness and protection.
    Have a sunny week. 🙂

  5. Janis – This post lifted my heart! It really is OK to feel like an upside-down cow sometimes. God is there when we feel overwhelmed – I think He does His best work in storms…

    And I have always LOVED that song from Carousel! It’s like a prayer, and a promise, and a battle cry!


  6. Lord, thank-you for the peace that you give that passes all understanding when we are going through a storm. Thank-you for your Word and thank-you for writers who use your Word to bring us Comfort. Thank-you for my friend, Janis, who loves you and who you use to bless others.


  7. Such comfort knowing we never walk alone. I have always loved that scripture too. It’s amazing to think of the Spirit “interceding” for us. Blessings to you!

  8. So true. There are so many storms in this world, both physically and spiritually. Thank you for the insight of this post. I love that song. It always reminds me of graduation. It has been around a long time. It was sung at my 8th grade graduation way back in 1950.